After playing music in a couple of bands I quickly realized that song lists can often get out of control. It first starts with a spreadsheet. Then while everyone has a version of the spreadsheet emails get sent out with new songs or changes to songs already in that list. In the end this means that information is scattered everywhere and some band members will just ignore it and come to rehearsals unprepared. The first version of JamCatApp was just to create a central list and eliminate some of these problems.

A few more years of playing music and I realized that a band needs alot more than a single song list. There are band members, events, and each song has alot of information surrounding it, such as documents, videos, multiple categorizations. Band politics also play a factor on the band's data and needs. After observing all this I decided to redo JamCatApp and try to solve some of the problems bands are having with their musicians, song data and also problems that musicians might have with their bands.

In the end, JamCatApp will provide your bands the tools you need to make great decisions and eliminate confusion.


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