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Welcome Guest

As a guest your access to your data is limited only to this browser. Clearing your browser cache or history will lose track of all progress.

As a guest you can still use JamCatApp and have access to the following features:

  • Multiple bands
  • Create songlists, setlists and print them
  • Unlimited songs
  • Search for other musicians nearby
  • Import songs from a spreadsheet
  • Tag your songs

However certain features will not be available to you until you Sign Up:

  • Read and Send Private Messages to other musicians
  • Have a searchable and sharable musician profile
  • Invite your band mates to your band and share updates
  • Sync changes between the web and your ios devices
  • Post comments on songs

You can Sign Up at any time to activate these features and keep your band data safely saved in the cloud.


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