• Keep all song information in one place for all your band members
  • Import your existing songlists from excel
  • Organize your band's repertoire in songlists and by tags
  • Create setlists for your next gigs and rehearsals in minutes

What's New

  • Comment on your songs as a band and keep history of opinions and decisions.
  • Private messaging to message and connect with new musicians

Who is it for?

JamCatApp is a song management app for bands or individual musicians. It solves issues that come up when you have to find new musicians for your cover band or constructing targetted setlists for your ever growing song book in your wedding band.
Perhaps you are a musician or band leader that is part of multiple bands and you need a way to centralize your bands' information.
Whether you play guitar, bass, drums or vocals in a band, you will find these band tools useful.

Band Management


Maintain separate data for each of your bands. Have all your band mates collaborate on the information and keep it current. Indie bands can benefit by keeping track all their quirks about their songs. Cover bands can easy manage their ever expanding repertoire.

Know your band members

Have your band members' information all in one place. Know their musical history, where they live and what instruments they play. Very helpful for a new member to get familiar with the band.


Subscribe to your bands and get notifications via email. The news feed will give you all activity across all your bands.

Song Repository

Organize by songlist and tags

Organize the songs your band plays by song list and tags. Easily pick the songs for your next live show or rehearsal.

Single source

Avoid discrepancies by keeping all information on JamCatApp. Your band mates no longer have to go looking for song information when they are practicing for the next event. Embedding a youtube link will make it easy to reference the correct version your band chose to cover.

Comment on songs

Post comments on each song and make the songlists more social. Encourage the opinions of your bandmates and enable a communication channel about the songs your band plays.

Import and Print

If you have song lists already in a spreadsheet format, you can import them directly into JamCatApp to save some time. Print your song lists quickly without having to open a word processor and typing out the list.

Song List Example View

Your Musical Resume


Tag your profile with the instruments you know how to play then you can tag your instruments with specific skills and ratings.

Show off your impressive musical history

Find Musicians in your area

Look for nearby musicians by instrument, age and other traits

Setlist Maker

Create setlists for your gigs from your existing song repository.

One Place for easy access

Anyone part of your band on jamcatapp has access to the setlist and can view, modify and print it whenever they want

Easy to use

Drag and drop your songs into sets in the specific order you will play them. Then print copies for everyone in your band. You can also clone existing setlists without starting all over.

Divide into sections

You can separate your setlist into several sets and add filler sections that can describe any break or non musical related period during the course of your gig.

Track the duration of your setlist in real time as you add or remove songs.

Fully compatible with iOS app

Create your setlists on your apple mobile device then sync it and automatically it will be in the website and vica versa.

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